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The Devote Collective

I honestly do not even know where to begin! Over the past few months my dear friend Shelby Tsika and I have been planning, creating, and working crazy hard on this amazing workshop. The Devote Collective was born out of mine and Shelbys heart to teach and serve other photographers. Providing them with affordable education and content for building a photography portfolio. We really believe in community over competition and we got to be a part of this really coming to fruition.

Photography Workshop Vendor Details

We were hosted by one of the most gorgeous venues in the Austin, Texas area, Mae’s Ridge. I can definitely tell you if you are looking for a stunning wedding venue in Austin, this is it, oh and call me in you need an Austin Texas photographer! Our amazing florals and wall installation was done by the amazing Christie Turner designs! I cannot get over these amazing vendors.

Shelby and I brainstormed for months about what exactly we wanted to cover at the workshop. What information would be the most useful and helpful for helping female entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of starting their photography businesses. We covered topics ranging from camera settings and basics, building a brand, getting your business legal, editing and client management.

Along with sit down seminars, we had a portion where all of our attendees could practice styling wedding day details! We loved getting to go around and see them being crazy artistic! We also had three different models that we led them through some fun posing and teaching how to keep things moving at a shoot or session. After they got to watch Shelby and I pose the models they had time to go around and pose them themselves.

We gave our attendees three different shoots, so that they could really build up a portfolio in whichever niche they wanted to. The Bridal portion took place in front the awesome floral installation, and we had the most stunning dresses from our favorite bridal shops, unbridaled.

All of the photos you see above from the shoot portion, were edited with a preset from one of our sponsors, Kindred Presets. I freaking love Kindred and their whole team. I also love that they 100% supported us and our mission to make some photography education accessible. One of our other sponsors was Honeybook! Shelby and I both are crazy believers in how honeybook can revolutionize your business. From sending invoices, questionnaires and contracts, to scheduling meetings and shoots, honeybook has it all. I can honestly say keeping all of my clients info in one place where myself and my client has access to all the info saves me so much time from searching through email and gathering information. I have a code for you if you want 50% off of your first year!

All in all, Shelby and I had the best time and we are already so excited to plan the next workshop. Our attendees also had the option to attend a day two where they each got a 1-1 mentor session with Shelby and I where they could ask us anything! They also got to be in a 6 month mastermind program with us where they could ask us anything and had complete access to us! We are so proud of all of these ladies and we cannot wait to see their businesses grow.

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