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5 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding or Elopement

Destination & Elopement

It isn’t a secret that Destination weddings and amazing adventurous elopements are becoming more and more popular. As younger people are starting to get married there are things that they care about more than others. In this post I am going to give to reasons to consider a destination wedding or elopement. I want to start by saying you might read through this and say yep, I want a traditional wedding! THAT’S OKAY!! I just want to be sure they everyone knows there are options.

Here are my 5 reasons to consider having a destination wedding or elopement:

Intimate & Unique

If you are feeling like you want a small or tiny wedding, then you may want to consider eloping. This way your wedding experience can be the two of you or just the friends or family that you love and feel absolutely has to be there to celebrate with you. This eliminates the need to invite your freshman year roommate in college or all your moms friends from her work. No shade at all to the peeps who want all of the people there, but if it’s not your jam you don’t have to do it.

Remember that whatever you decide to do for your wedding that it is YOUR wedding. You get to have it exactly how you want it. I am giving you permission to make choices about your wedding that make you happy and not what makes everyone else happy.

Less Family Drama

If you are thinking, well my family rocks though & they would never start drama on my wedding day… I can tell you that weddings tend to bring out the worst in some people. Someone will get booty hurt because the DJ didn’t play their favorite song or that your aunt showed up in a white dress. It is always something. Destination weddings are perfect if you want family there, but don’t want the drama, because people that want to be there will make the effort, especially if they have to fly somewhere, and those who don’t can stay home. Also everyone in on vacation so they are at ease and can relax and enjoy it a little more.

If you prioritize experience

It’s not a secret that weddings are hella expensive. Did you know that the average wedding costs about $33,000. I mean damn. Thats a ton of money for one night and to feed a ton of people, half of which you may not even know. If you elope you can save exponential costs and have an experience. You can hire a photographer for the day and they can follow you as you hike to gorgeous locations to exchange vows, all the while taking breath taking images that you will cherish forever. Stunning pictures and amazing memories from traveling with the one you love? You can’t beat it!


50% of people consider themselves highly stressed. I can tell you it is harder to be stressed on the coast of Italy during a destination wedding or even in the mountains of Yosemite during your elopement.

Weddings can be a lot. There are a million decisions to make and you are trying to make sure everything goes together perfectly. A lot of people planning a big wedding say that they cannot wait for their wedding to be over. I have heard it from countless people. It shouldn’t be like that…

Less Pressure

If you know my story I was 5 months pregnant when Joe and I got married and I put on my dress that morning and I honestly felt like crap. I knew everyone was going to be looking at me and I wasn’t about it. It was too much for me. Maybe your personality is that you don’t like being the center of attention, eloping or a destination wedding means you can control the amount of people who are there and in turn giving you attention.




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