i'm a people person. 
I love music & I am a spotify purist. I have always been one of those people that can get along with everyone. I am fiercely loyal. friendship & family are so important to me. I love color and extravagance while also valuing details and the in between moments. I grew up watching Project Runway and have always felt inspired by big projects. I find my inspiration for life in art and music and children's laughter and lady bugs and sitting on a quilt outside just basking in the sunshine. i spend my time running around the house with my family and traveling with my besties all over the world. experiences and emotion and presentness are important to me. I strongly believe in quality time and loving on your people. Life is so beautiful... its fun.. it shouldn't stop being that way. ever. I hope that one day people look back at photos I took and they are reminded what it feels like to love and be loved and that it never fades and only grows.

ewww. ok enough of that ;)

You caught me at a good time. 

im katie

I believe all love is love. All forms of love should be celebrated and no one should be turned away because of their race, sexual orientation, sex or religion. 

I stand against racism and discrimination of any kind. I am dedicated to unlearning and fighting to protect POC and members of the LGBTQIA+ communities. Not just in business, but in my personal life and household. When you hire me a portion of my income is donated to various organizations including The Trevor Project, The ACLU and NAACP. 

im a girl mom to the most amazing three little gals, they truly make my life so fun and so full. so if im not working im on the floor playing barbies and watching bluey. 

spending time with the big three

i love concert. the vibes are always just what i need. i have seen harry styles, olivia rodrigo, conan grey, lorde and so many more!! if you wanna talk concerts and music i am always down.

live music and concerts fill my calendar.

this job has taken me all over the world and I cannot wait to see where i get to go next! I have some upcoming travel to Mexico, Colorado, NYC , and South Carolina. Some spots I would love to spend some time photographing are Lake Como, California, Paris, but really anywhere!!

traveling the world

In my free time...

what to expect