Wedding Planning and Covid-19 with New Braunfels Wedding Vendors

The biggest question I have been getting asked is, coronavirus what the heck do I do? So to start let me say, all of the people planning a wedding or engaged during all of this… YOU ARE A BAD ASS! No seriously. I just want you to know that even through all of this uncertainty you are killing it and that your wedding is still going to be amazing, even if its a little different than you imagined it. Just know you have so much support from the wedding vendor community because we are witnessing it right along side you and we really are your biggest cheer leaders.

So because I wanted to get you the information from a wedding planning pro, I reached out to one of my favorite New Braunfels Wedding Planner, Jessica, with Hazel and Bloom Events. She really knows what she is talking about because one she is a planner, duh, but two she is also a pandemic bride so she can relate on every level. Also small plug, but New Braunfels and beyond peeps if you are looking for a planner she is amazing. I love working with her and she is the absolute sweetest!

Jessica with Hazel and Bloom Events. Serving clients from New Braunfels, Austin and San Antonio.

1. What is some advice you have for brides that are having to reschedule their weddings?

 My advice for all COVID brides is to not be afraid of exploring other days of the week to allow all your vendors to stay intact. I’ve hosted many events on Fridays, Sundays and even week day events and I feel they are much more fun than the traditional Saturday everyone hopes for. My own wedding is on a Monday to allow my guests to spend the weekend with me before ending their trip with a great party to celebrate our marriage! 

2. Do you have any ideas for brides that can protect themselves and their guests once their wedding date arrives?

I always recommend staying at home if you or any of your guests feel any abnormal symptoms. However with the guests that are attending, allow them to wear face masks, provide sanitizer stations outside of the restrooms as well and seat per household. That allows for the two guests that haven’t been exposed to anyone else at the wedding to sit alone and feel comfortable. You can also leave a much bigger dance floor so people still get up and dance but stay 6-8 feet apart. 

3. Are there any things that brides that are just starting the planning process during the pandemic should consider moving forward? 

Things to consider during a Pandemic:

 -Always hire a wedding planner, coordination services are to manage what you have already planned instead of helping you plan through this time. 

-Patience is key. No one knows when or what will happen in the next 6 months. Be prepared to wait for longer response times from vendors.- Always have a few back up plans. i.e. Rain out options, 50% capacity options and even an intimate ceremony only option. 

– Ask all vendors what their covid postponement plan is so you can prepare financially if you need to pay postponement fees. – Be open to assistants or associates running your wedding in the event your vendor gets sick. 

4. Should planning for 2021 weddings be put on hold, why or why not? 

I believe it is super important to NOT put weddings for 2021 on hold. Vendors are getting booked up with postponements and most vendors, like myself, only take a few weddings a month. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the vendors you connect with purely out of fear of postponing your wedding. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best! 

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