What to expect for this upcoming wedding season as an engaged couple

In an effort to kind of explain what exactly is going on with weddings and the wedding industry, I wanted to write up a quick blog post, just to explain for couples who may not know.

Currently ALL vendors are experiencing a crazy influx of bookings and inquiries. Most vendors are already (as of January 2022) fully booked for the rest of the year and beginning to book 2023 at a super quick pace. This is especially true for Venues, Photographers, Planners, and Florists. Basically what this means is that if you are planning your wedding, reach out as soon as possible. There are only so many dates that each vendor can work and commit to, so if you have a vendor that you have your heart set on, now is the time to inquire. Chatting with some other Austin Wedding Vendors we all realized that we cannot hold dates any longer, because of the dozens of inquiries we are getting every week. We are having to go with the client who gets on the call and signs and pays their invoice first.

If your wedding is only a few months away and you are still looking for some of these vendors, still reach out. Just because you think someone may be unavailable, doesn’t mean they are. Most vendors have a set number of weddings they take on each year and your wedding may be exactly why they were leaving certain dates open.

We are currently in a wedding boom, more weddings and engagements are happing this year than ever, so start planning and get your vendors locked down.

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