Hildebrand Equine Complex Wedding – College Station, Texas

Wind whipping my hair and golden light pouring out onto the sidewalks. This windy day turned into the most epic wedding day ever. My lips were beginning to chap as the day began and I quickly threw my hair up into a bun. Figures right? I showed up and was greeted by a swarm of hugs from Kelsey’s family and friends. As the girls were getting glitzed and glammed, there was such a calm about this morning. If Kelsey was nervous, she wasn’t showing it. Once the girls were all dolled up we ran to the reception venue, the gorgeous Hildebrand equine complex, to grab some photos of them and the stunning bride. The girls hid away and the boys came out to join me for some photos with as much enthusiasm as you have ever seen. They had plenty of fun ideas and we had a blast trying all of their creative ideas.

Their ceremony was so beautiful and pretty much from that point on I cried through the whole day. This couple means the WORLD to me and seeing them united in marriage melted my heart and I was an absolute puddle on the floor all night from, first dances to speeches and my favorite, their private dance, I cried. Call me a cry baby or maybe its my mom emotional hormones, but its hard not to with a couple as sweet as them.

Kelsey and Eric, I cannot thank you enough for the absolute honor of photographing your wedding day and your love. Thank you for making me feel like part of the family the whole entire day. I cannot explain the sheer freakin’ excitement it brings me to see you guys married. I am sending you love and happiness and well, probably cookies soon, because y’all are amazing.


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