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Cibolo Nature Center | Engagement Session

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Toes tingling. Fingertips numb. The wind whipping our hair and burning our noses. Finding glimpses of sunlight shining through the trees. Imagine climbing into the water at Cibolo Nature Center in 30 degree weather. Goose bumps covering our arms and legs. Teeth chattering in-between laughs and sweet kisses. Thats what these two did. Huddling together hidden under jackets to retain some sense of warmth, these two are what I call CHAMPS. Hiking throughout property to spot the perfect locations and me being insanely out of breath. Seriously ya girl needs to work out. We explored and explored to find beams of light saturating the creek and illuminating these two.

These two are getting married on January 19th of next year. I love getting to meet engaged couples, because the excitement runs high. All of those Pinterest dreams and prayers for their future finally coming to life. It really shows me just how amazing my God is. He brings together two broken people and unites them. Joe and I know that first hand. Another thing we know so well, is marriage is amazing. I feel like there is the moment when you announce your engagement and everyone is so beyond excited and somewhere along the line, the tone changes. People start to tell you how hard things are going to be. But heres the truth, friends. Everything in this life is hard and marriage is not the exception. BUT marriage is also exciting, joyful, wonderful, sacred, beautiful and perfect all at once. Its coming home to a clean apartment because your husband knew you had a bad day, and its laughing over the office at 2 AM praying you don’t wake the baby. It’s the everyday hustle.

Meagan and Tyler, I can not thank you enough for letting me photograph you guys and your love. You guys love each other so big and so well. You guys are freakin’ rockstars for going along with my crazy ideas! Yay marriage & Yay you beautiful humans!

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