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I am new to the blog scene so bare with me these first few posts, as I am getting the hang of it. 

I just wanted to kick this thing off with a little about me. I know I have a whole page that talks about me, but hopefully this will give a little more detail and clarity into the inner workings of my heart.

My full name is Kathryn Ivy Krueger, and I love my name. I know that’s random, but I really do. I think it is beautiful and a name that will age gracefully. I have two wonderful parents. My mom, Amy, is a fashionista and film photographer. She is a super rockstar. She has always made us the first priority in her life and is the most creative woman I know (wonder where I get it…hmm..). My dad, Kevin, is a successful business owner for multiple businesses, his most recent being a church consulting firm. My dad is one of those guys that is silly and generous. Like my mom, my dad loves to take care of people. These two are an amazing image of what The Lord calls you two when you get married. They are amazing encouragers to be in my business, but especially in my faith. These two rad parents are so devoted to the Kingdom, their devotion is something that inspires me daily to continue to press into Jesus, because when he has your hearts affections, He will receive the work of your hands. 

Another thing that is important to know about me is my love for those with special needs. This is something that God etched on to my heart when He created me. He called me to advocate and protect those that He set apart. I did not discern this calling until about six years ago and a place I call home, Deer Creek Camp. There is one week out of the summer devoted to campers with special needs and I tell you, this is the way to have your life changed. That first summer I met a young man named Ryan, and you would not believe how that guy shook my life. I am crying just thinking about the friendship and happiness he brings to my life. That week that I met Ryan, God unraveled His plan for my life. I am a firm believer that He does not make mistakes. I want a part of my business to serve these individuals and their families. Eventually there will be a part of my business where I will go and photograph families with children and adults with special needs, so that they can have family portraits just like anyone else. This is why I am pursuing a Special Education degree, I will have the knowledge and credentials to bring a this dream to life. 

Besides these most important things, I have a few fun facts about myself that I will share just for fun. I love animals. My favorite movie really is Nacho Libre and I have a wicked impersonation. Potatoes might be my love language, I really like them. Mystery novels are my favorite, but I also really love netflix. My favorite TV show is This Is Us. Watch it. I do have a guilty pleasure favorite TV show…the entire Bachelor series. I love it and I’m not proud. I love tea and coffee, you will always find me spending my evening at the cute coffee shops around College Station. I love love love love good music, so on occasion I might give you guys a fire playlist to listen to. I am a people person. I love meeting new people and cultivating new friendships. Listening to people tell their stories. That brings joy to my heart. I really enjoy spending quality time with my friends, family and boyfriend. 

I am feeling super thankful today that God blessed me with a creative mind. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to share with you all. I am blessed beyond measure by the people who are supporting me and encouraging me throughout this process. I am so pumped to share my photography and my heart with you guys and I hope that y’all are inspired or even amused by what I have to offer. 

Lots of Love, 


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