2018 GOALS

2017 was such a year of growth for my small little business and myself personally. I cannot even being to name all of the blessings that have been wonderfully showered down on me this year. I have got to work with so many beautiful seniors, sweet couples, and inspiring photographers. The growth that I have seen this year is incredible and I cannot wait to see what 2018 brings. 

First of all I do want to give a couple shoutouts, because praise is important and I want to recognize the individuals who have encouraged me this year. My mom and Dad, from buying me cameras, lenses, software and much more to being a constant source of encouragement in my crazy dream to become a professional photographer you have been constant. There was never a moment where I did not feel completely supported in my craft and in my passions as a creative. To the staff of Deer Creek Camp, thank you for making me laugh, cry and love. Photographing you guys loving on kids was something I can’t even being to explain. Your support love and support has lifted me to where I am today and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Joe Knotts, my absolute best friend. You never for a second let me think that this dream is something that I cannot achieve. You are by my side every step of the way, constantly showing my work off to people, and pushing me to reach my goals. I love you for that. Most importantly I want to thank The Lord, for giving me a heart that loves to create. I know that I would be nothing, the business would be nothing without Gods faithfulness and grace.  

So for 2018 I am setting a few goals. I don’t particularly like the word resolutions, because come on… you’re just asking to be broken. Goals are made to be achieved. 

I will love better, deeper, stronger and more Christ like. I will live my life by 1 Corinthians 13, and remember to love because Jesus loved me first. I am so undeserving and yet He loves me still. Let me love like that. 

I will shoot more weddings. I love love and I want to continue to grow this portion of my business! I have already booked a few for this coming Spring and I am so excited. (S/O to my sweet friend Shelby Tskia for allowing me to tag along and teaching me some tricks, she is awesome you guys)

I will make more time to read and to travel. These are two things I love to do and want to make more time for. 

What are your “resolutions”?

Progress is good, these are from the beginning…

End of this year…

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