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Are your packages customizable?
Somewhat. There are things that can be interchanged and others can’t be. If you have a question just ask!


Can I substitute the complimentary engagement session with a bridal session? 
It is important to me to get a chance to get to know you guys, because I will be capturing the intimate moments of your wedding day, I want to make sure that you guys feel comfortable in front of my camera and with me in general. This is always a good thing for the groom, because we all know they need a little more prep. 


My wedding isn't in New Braunfels/San Antonio area, can I still hire you to photograph our wedding?
ABSOLUTELY! In fact, home girl loves to travel. I have shot weddings all over Texas and I love shooting new and fun places. I do have a small travel fee, because when I leave my area I have to find accommodations and pay for gas, but this fee usually stays below $200. If you are out of state I have special packages that include travel. Email me for more meets on that. 


I am super awkward, I feel like I won't know how to pose or what to do. Can you make me look good in photos? 
First of all, me too. I always feel so dorky in photos, but when I see the outcome, I'm like "what the heck" thats me? So you have come to the right place. My job is to make this as painless as possible for you guys, let me take the lead as far as posing you and giving you direction for those adorable candid shots. 


Do you offer video services? 
We are strictly Photography over here, but we have tons of awesome peeps we can recommend if you need us to. 


How long does it take to receive my images? 
For engagement or bridal sessions we try to get those back to you in 2-4 weeks, and with your precious wedding collection we will get them to you in 4-6 weeks ( with a sneak peak gallery sent to you the day after, because we know you are ready to change your Facebook profile picture). 


Do I get digital images? 
Yes! You will receive hundreds of high resolution images from your day. You have complete freedom to print and share!


Can I have the RAW files? 
Me sending you the RAW files would be me sending you incomplete work, so no. As a professional, you hire me not only to shoot your wedding day, but also you give me to edit your images in a way that matches the rest of my portfolio, thats one reason it is so important that you like my style before deciding to book with me.


Who is your second shooter? 
I have a list of experienced, awesome photographers who I work with who will assist me on these days. It mainly depends on the availability of peeps on my list. 


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